Houseplant Hack: Here's Why You Shouldn't Throw Banana Peels Away Home

Cecilia Cannon
3 years ago

Your child wants a banana. Sure, why not? They're good for kids  adults, too. But did you know that they're good for your plants, too? 

After the banana is peeled, don’t go throwing the peels straight into your compost. Get all the potassium out of them by cleaning your houseplants. Run the inside of the peel on your green houseplant leaves and ... tah-dah! Your houseplants will shine! Dust is gone! And they will thank you for the extra potassium, too.

Banana peels can also help with plants in your garden. If you notice aphid damage, bury some cut up banana peels around the base of the affected plants. It should make those pesky insects pack up and vacate. 

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Donna John
Who knew???? I have been fighting aphids for months now on my lemon tree. Going to try this ASAP. Also going to stop buying leaf shine if a free banana peel will work. Cecilia Cannon
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