Election Day 2020: 5 Good Ground Rules for Engaging in Political Discussions on Social Media Tech Motherhood

Nancy Dafoe
22 days ago

While it is easier not to engage in political discussions these days, we are leaving an awful lot of important topics off the table if we don’t dare venture into the feasts that are political in nature. Yet, we also don’t want to be in angry, mean discussions or be insulted. Here are some good ground rules for political discourse to share with social media friends and acquaintances: 

  1. No generalizations. Talk policy or topic specifics.
  2. Ask for and use verified, credible sources for statistics and information.
  3. No insults or profanity, even the mild ones.
  4. Be positive in your position argument, not in contrast to something else.
  5. Block people who can’t abide by these simple rules of civility. (No bots, trolls and people just looking for a fight.)

How do you handle political arguments online? Will you vote?

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Comments (7)

Nancy Dafoe
Thanks for sharing, Ann Marie.
Grace Babcock
This is so important to remember!
Nancy Dafoe
Thank you, Grace.
Nicole DeAvilla
I usually avoid political discussions on line! I sometimes repost or like others posts if I think it follows your rules above. Having healthy political dialogue with people from different points of view is very important. Our family talks politics all of the time. But then we tend to agree...
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Politics has always been a hot button topic, but it seems like it's even moreso these days. I find myself nervous to venture into these types of discussions, but a healthy discourse is always better than avoidance, I guess! Thanks for the help, Nancy Dafoe !
S Roberts
I fortunately I’ve yet to see or observe a political discussion yet where these rules were followed. I’ve said this before, the political climate in America today is so fundamentally divided that you’re either preaching to the choir or throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest. So it’s a topic my circle of friends and I have chosen not to discuss when we get together! But that’s just for us.
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