Don't Fade in Fall: How to Beat the Inevitable Fall Energy Slump Motherhood

Felicia Stoler
a month ago

Fall is here, and so is the usual drop of energy that follows. Here are some tips to beat the slump:

  • Slack off on sugar and avoid the crash. Choose high-fiber, low-glycemic foods like quinoa, lentils and apples instead.
  • Make sure you "go!" When you're not regular, you feel uncomfortable and out of balance. Keep your gut healthier with a steady intake of fruits, veggies and carbs.
  • Embrace better-for-you fats. Easily invest in healthy fats to lower tiring inflammation. Shuffle between olive oilpalm fruit oilcoconut oilnuts and avocados. Malaysian sustainable palm fruit oil is naturally trans fat-free, with the added bonus of it being non-GMO.
  • Skip the gym once in a while. Try burst training instead – it's an efficient and effective antidote.
  • Shut it off. Back away from all electronics one hour before bed.

Now you're ready for fall!

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Trying to reduce my sugar intake. Thanks for the fall health reminders! 🍁🍁
Hydration helps so so much.
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