Maternity Leave: 5 Return-to-Work Myths – Busted! by Elaine McGhee

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3 years ago
Maternity Leave: 5 Return-to-Work Myths – Busted!

Don’t believe the return-to-work-after-maternity-leave myths! Here are five to kick to the curb!

  1. I’ll Feel Refreshed When I Go Back: The only person that’s refreshed after maternity leave is the dog.
  2. Pumping is Hard: Pumping can be difficult, but it’s not hard. Give it a shot and reevaluate monthly. 
  3. Leaving Baby is Hard: OK, that’s a fact. Be kind to yourself. 
  4. Baby Brain Goes Away: It’s real and may last a long time. 
  5. Work Will Be the Same: Work is the same but you’re not. Learn to say no, delegate, set boundaries and reset your (unrealistic) expectations. You have new priorities!

Before you know it, you and Baby will be in a routine. Give it time!

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