Newborn Tears & Tears & Tears: 5 Reasons Why Babies Cry (a Lot)! by Mei Marcie

2 years ago
Newborn Tears & Tears & Tears: 5 Reasons Why Babies Cry (a Lot)!

It's hard to communicate without words, especially for a newborn. Here are five reasons why babies cry as often as they do! 

  • Hungry: It may be feeding time. 
  • Dirty Diaper: No one feels comfortable when their skin is in contact with wet pee or poo. 
  • Tired: When you're too tired, it may be hard to fall asleep, and it’s the same for babies. Hold him close or rock gently, or take a drive. 
  • Gassy: Help your newborn let out gas from feedings by burping him. 
  • Sick: Check Baby’s temperature, just in case!

Soon those tears will be replaced by a first smile, so hang in there!

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