Need a Break, Mom? 4 Ways to Evaluate Your Parenting Burnout for the New Year! by Mei Marcie

5 years ago
Need a Break, Mom? 4 Ways to Evaluate Your Parenting Burnout for the New Year!

At the end of the year, we often think of what we have achieved and what we should do in the New Year. What about thinking about burnout? Should next year be a year to do less, not more? Here are my top signs of burnout: 

  • Irritated at most days, times and the slightest things.
  • Feeling resentful, especially to those you live with. Resentment festers. Evaluate how much you've kept it bottled up.
  • Fatigue. Did it feel like a tired year to you, no matter what joyous occasions your family shared?
  • Failure. Did everything feel futile and like it had failed? 

Less can be more. Ask for help as needed!

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