What’s the Ultimate "Selfie?" Being the Best You, Mom! Here's Why! by Gail Harris

a year ago
What’s the Ultimate "Selfie?" Being the Best You, Mom! Here's Why!

The word “self” has become a catch-all word these days, like “soul” and “eternal.” It’s even morphed into “selfie.” But who took the picture, and are you looking at your most empowered self? 

Then there’s love to consider. Shouldn’t we consider self-love first? For how can we love another if we don’t love ourselves? We confuse self-love with being selfish. That’s political, and the powers that be wanting to keep moms small. 

What about being selfless? There’s a place for this kind of act in our lives more than we know. Yet how can we be selfless if we don’t have a strong sense of who we are?

Maybe it's time to get to know YOU, Mom! 

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