Slow Drain? An Easy DIY Fix So You Don't Have to Pay a Plumber! by Jan Mostrom

4 years ago

A slow-moving drain usually means a liquid chemical or a call to the plumber. Before you do either of those (personally, I've never found the liquids to help much), try this inexpensive tool from your local hardware store. The tool is a long piece of plastic with jagged edges and costs less than $10. All you need to do is:

  • take off the drain cover
  • push the tool down the drain 
  • withdraw it 

It will bring out the debris stuck in the drain. (In my case it's my girls' hair!) It's not a fun job, but I'd much rather save the money for something fun instead of giving it to my plumber!

Vastar Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Snake Cleaning Tool
Vastar Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Snake Cleaning Tool $7
Here's your perfect buddy in getting rid of slow running sink.
FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool
FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool $6
A hook & loop hair-clog tool for instantly opening slow bathroom drains.
Green Gobbler Hair Grabber Tool
Green Gobbler Hair Grabber Tool $5
The fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow-running drains.

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Grateful for sharing such amazing tips. For a couple of days I was exploring the internet to find DIY tips for drain cleaning, but as I was unable to find any useful content my friend suggested me to hire professional services from which she had used a few months back and is very happy with the work done by experts. But as I'm saving money I wanted to do such small maintenance work by myself. Your post is really very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing.

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