4 Good Ways to Coach Your Kid Before Her Sports Game! by Janis Meredith

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7 years ago

4 Good Ways to Coach Your Kid Before Her Sports Game!

Quite honestly, your child doesn’t need a whole lot from you on the way to his or her sports game. He or she does not need last-minute coaching, “be-careful reminders” or admonitions to get the win or score a lot of points. Instead, your child might want:

  • silence, conversation about things other than sports
  • your belief in him or her
  • your permission to have fun 
  • your unconditional support

As you head out the door to your child’s game next time, think about your pre-game parenting. Are you doing a good job of helping to prepare your child to do his best in the game?

Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this, Janis Meredith ! "Have fun" is about the best sports advice we can give our kids!
Teresa Deck
It's really hard these days to get your kids involved in something outside of school but outside the house especially with my son
Teresa Deck
He has ADHD possible autism and what they call an auditory processing disorder which in basic terms ever remember someone explaining something to you and you not get it and so they rexplain it and you still fill like an idiot till after they say it over and over like 20 times well that's how he is all the time. Easiest way to explain it is "HE DONT GET IT " when people ask what it means. It takes him a while with some of his studies to understand it and he's so uncomfortable with it especially at school where children are mean so he doesn't want to do sports anymore. He's actually get permission from his doctors to play video games because they are helping with learning and other things but if you let him he'd never leave that couch. I really hope things will get better for him. He's really not liking school and it's shame because he's really smart but it's so fustratiing for him any advice out there moms
Erin Musto
So true... simple and positive. I tell Lucy to enjoy, that I love seeing her enjoy being out there playing baseball

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