Nerf Guns, Plastic Guns, Water Guns: Should Children Play With Any Guns? What Do You Think? by Gail Harris

7 years ago

Nerf Guns, Plastic Guns, Water Guns: Should Children Play With Any Guns? What Do You Think?

I bet I'm not the only mom who cringes when her child plays with guns. This behavior has been going on for ages. Yet every time my 11-year-old son does, I cringe.

Nerf guns I let him have, with the plastic bullets and foam tips. I’d rather he didn’t play with them, but I can’t go completely against Mother Nature. The metallic, machine-gun-types that scream “gun” the moment you see it, I’d never let him have. There I draw the line. 

Yet, is there really a difference? 

Shooting is shooting. For me there is, even though it may make no sense at all. I’d love to hear how other mothers feel about it!

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Ann Marie Patitucci
We never bought toy guns for our boys. But they were given Nerf guns as gifts from family members and family friends (much to my dismay!). And of course they love them. And their friends have them, and love them. Nerf guns are the only type they have, but it still bothers me that they have any type of gun. I know many moms who feel the same way.
Mike Prochaska
Yeah. I got them nerf guns they So fun to play with! I just bought them sunglasses to wear too to protect their eyes. At work we can’t play with guns
Gwen Johnson
Nope, no guns at all in this house. Play or otherwise.

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