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9 years ago

Chilly Bear: Parents & Kids Will Love the Feel Better Bear This Cold & Flu Season

Chilly Bear, the Feel Better Bear, is a cuddly, soft bean bag bear that helps kids (and parents!) of all ages feel better with hot or cold relief from aches, pains, bumps, bruises, stress, headaches, cramps, inflammation and much more! 

It's filled with all-natural maize kernels (kind of smells like popcorn), which gives it the ability to flex to the shape of your neck, knee, etc. There are two ways to use it:

  • Microwave for two minutes for hot relief.
  • Freeze for cold relief. 

Enjoy its soothing benefits anytime you need to feel better. 

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Elisa Schmitz
We love our Feel Better Bears. We take one with us wherever we go! Feel Better Bear
Feel Better Bear
Hey there and THANKS for mentioning the versatile, wonderful therapeutic teddy bear that helps EVERY FAMILY MEMBER "FEEL BETTER". We are celebrating our 19th year of providing consistent relief, Hot/Cold and always soft and comforting.. from the young kids to Grandparents, and the injury prone middle We are grateful to make such a difference in so many families and women's lives! Look for some new anniversary Feel Better Bears and our new campaign to "empower" your child to learn how good it is to "GIVE" with our next, Buy A Bear, Give A Bear campaign where the second bear is FREE and is meant to ask you child to choose someone to give the Free Bear too.... The Gift of Kindness, sharing and giving is a wonderful life changing experience that the sooner children learn the wonders of "giving" the better!! Thanks again 30SecondMom! Chilly Bear The Feel Better Bear is available at 30Seconds Rewards Store and on Amazon!!! Happy Spring!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
My family loves The Feel Better Bear! Whenever my 8 year old gets hurt he asks for "Chilly Bear!" Thank you, Feel Better Bear !
Feel Better Bear
Thats wonderful Ann Marie! Don't forget to use it for yourself when your achy body needs the best hot moist heat relief it can get!!! Thank you for sharing and I am grateful everyday to help so many women and their families!!! Keep posting your great tips and info as well!!
Donna John
We love our Feel Better Bears! My husband and I didn't realize we both too ours to the deer lease a couple months ago. And when I was baking for Christmas, I forgot to soften the butter. Then thought this could be a job for Chilly Bear, too. :-) Worked great!

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