Your Child is Angry & Not Sure What to Do? Let 'Em Vent! Here's Why! by Gail Harris

4 years ago
Your Child is Angry & Not Sure What to Do? Let 'Em Vent! Here's Why!

If your child is having a fit, maybe it’s best for him or her to just let it rip. If you quiet them, they can hold the upset inside and take it out in other ways, like being anxious, biting their nails or not being able to fall asleep. 

When my son was very upset recently, at first I wanted to tell him to stop fussing. But I let him express how he was feeling. I let him scream and flail his arms, and I listened. Well, he had something important to say. When he was done crying, the whole rigmarole was over and he was in a good mood again. He felt heard and understood, and I felt like a good mom!

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