Talking to Kids: 10 Phrases Children Should Hear More Often! by Janis Meredith

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6 years ago
Talking to Kids: 10 Phrases Children Should Hear More Often!

If you had to ration your words, what would you be sure to say every day to your child? Would you waste your ration on nagging, yelling or gossip? Would you choose to dispense words that have the power to nurture, heal, motivate and guide? To foster security, self-esteem and strength in your child, be sure your daily word ration includes phrases such as these top 10! 

  1. I love you. 
  2. I am proud of you. 
  3. I believe in you. 
  4. Will you forgive me?
  5. I am listening. 
  6. I forgive you. 
  7. What do you think? 
  8. How do you feel? 
  9. Let's talk. 
  10. You can do this.

Choose your words wisely when talking to your kids!

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