Is Your Kid Frustrated With a Task? Try a 15-Minute Focus to De-stress! by Shel Franco

7 years ago

Is Your Kid Frustrated With a Task? Try a 15-Minute Focus to De-stress!

Messy room? Homework meltdown? Nobody likes spending hours on a task, and knowing you have something unpleasant facing you can hike up the procrastination quotient. The good news is anyone can do anything in 15-minute increments. The next time your child becomes frustrated, encourage 15-minute focus. 

  • Set a timer on the microwave or cell phone and spend the next 15 minutes on the task. 
  • When the timer rings, take a break – play, talk, laugh, sing or have a healthy snack. 
  • When your child is relaxed enough to face another 15 minutes, set the timer again.
  • Repeat until the task is complete!

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Meredith Schneider
This is perfect for when the kids get overwhelmed with homework...
Kimberly Johnson
I'm very familiar with that frustrated look lately! Thanks for sharing, Shel Franco !
Kelli Porcaro
Great idea Shel Franco almost turns the task into a game....can you beat the clock!! :)

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