Sunbathing & Visiting Tanning Salons? Read This for Your Skin's Sake! by Dr. Hannah Chow-Johnson

7 years ago
Sunbathing & Visiting Tanning Salons? Read This for Your Skin's Sake!

Our parents and grandparents used to think it was good to get a “base” tan before being exposed to lots of sunlight, but this simply isn’t true. Sunbathing, and especially tanning salons, are extremely dangerous for your skin. If going out in the sun, it’s best to keep skin as covered as possible. Make sure you and your child

  • wear wide-brimmed hats
  • wear rash guards (a close-fitting top worn over swimwear or alone)
  • always wear sunglasses with UV protection

Be safe in the sun for your skin's sake!

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