Kids Need Their Parents More as Teens Than As Babies! Here's Why! by One Tough Muther

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a month ago
Kids Need Their Parents More as Teens Than As Babies! Here's Why!

I receive a lot of letters about raising teenagers. They actually need you more as teens than they did as babies! 

  • Talk to them, whether you think they are listening or not. 
  • Help them get through the ever-changing feelings they go through. 
  • Talk, talk and more talk. 

Talking and listening to their feelings is the most wonderful thing a parent can do for a teen. They are processing so many situations, feelings and thoughts that if they don't have direct dialogue, they could get lost. No matter how much they push back, they want and need you in their corner. Be there!

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
So very true, One Tough Muther ! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on your new radio show! Hope you will share it here so we can spread your message! xoxo

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