How to Grow Lettuce & Celery in Your Kitchen (Jump Start Spring) by Annie Dillon

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3 years ago
How to Grow Lettuce & Celery in Your Kitchen (Jump Start Spring)

Spring is coming and it's time to think about your garden! Whether your garden is on your porch or planting beds, here's a fun and economical way to get a jump start on it from salad items you might normally throw away. Rather than tossing the stumps from celery and romaine lettuce:

  • Place them in a container with about half an inch of water.
  • Set the container in indirect sunlight.
  • Change the water daily.

Within days, you may see your lettuce growing, and after a week or so, you may notice leaves on your celery. Once the new plants are 4 inches tall, you can plant them in a container or the ground, if it's warm enough. Do this project with your kids! They'll love it!

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