Praise vs. Encouragement: Just Say No to Narcissists & Hello to Self-confident Kids! by Dr. Christina Hibbert

As a mom of six, I want to raise self-confident kids; but as a psychologist, I know there's a difference between praising kids and encouraging them. 

Praise focuses on the outcome. "Wow! What a great job you did!" It's giving positive feedback about a result. But, overpraising is popular these days, and too many kids expect praise about everything they do. 

Encouragement, on the other hand, focuses on the effort. "You worked so hard on that!" It's positive feedback about the process; the work it takes to stick with something. Encourage your kids; it will teach them hard work and self-confidence!

Read more about the affects of over-praising kids here

Dieter Schmitz
Encouragement is a power tool!

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