Kid's Feet Stink? Try This Easy Parenting Hack to Foil Foot Odor! by Christine Jones

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5 years ago
Kid's Feet Stink? Try This Easy Parenting Hack to Foil Foot Odor!

It’s great watching your kids get older, but it’s not always great to smell them as they do so. Whether it’s just hormones or dirt, no one likes the funk of teenagers' feet. One quick tip to fight the odor is to use the trusty Bounce dryer sheet (or a generic brand) and put one in each shoe at night. 

You can actually use the dryer sheets for four or five nights in a row. This also works great for sports equipment, especially hockey and football helmets. Try them in your husband's shoes, too! 

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Ha! This is hilarious, but also so true. Thank you for the great tip, Christine Jones - I wouldn't have thought of this!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Love this, Christine Jones ! I have an almost 12 year old boy, so this is a much needed tip! :)
Kristan Wager
Oh is this tip timely! My son's stinky feet can clear a room! Thank you@christinejones

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