Snow Day? This Snowman Pancake Activity Helps Families Celebrate the Snow by Katie Lewis

2 years ago
Snow Day? This Snowman Pancake Activity Helps Families Celebrate the Snow

In much of the country, this winter has been tough for families. But you can make the most of snow days with this recipe you can do with your kids when it's cold outside (or even when it's not)! 

You'll need:

  • pancake mix
  • whipped cream, marshmallows or flaked coconut
  • chocolate chips or blueberries
  • bacon or strawberries
  • orange segment

Here's how to make it:

  1. Pour prepared pancake batter into a small circle and a larger circle to look like the body of a snowman. 
  2. Flip pancakes and cook until done. 
  3. Use a cooked piece of bacon or cut-up strawberries as the scarf, chocolate chips or blueberries for the face and buttons, a piece of orange for the nose, and whipped cream, marshmallows or flaked coconut for snow. 

You could even make trees out of kiwi! Celebrate the season!

How to Survive a Winter "Snow Day" or "Too-Cold Day" With Your Kids!

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Donna John
What a cute idea, Katie Lewis ! And with so many families having a snow day because of the winter storm, this is perfect timing. Thanks for sharing!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Adorable, Katie Lewis ! What a fun way to celebrate a snow day!

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