Got Bored Kids This Winter? Pull the Cars Out of the Garage & Do This... by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

5 years ago
Got Bored Kids This Winter? Pull the Cars Out of the Garage & Do This...

Winter makes some of us slow down, but not my kids. They're always going, going, going! When they're too cold from playing in the snow and getting wild indoors, I have a trick up my sleeve: pull the cars out of our garage. Why?

  • Give them bike or scooter time.
  • They can dribble basketballs.
  • They can jump rope or just run around until they have burned off their energy. 

And what's Mom doing while they get this great exercise? I'm right there with them on my bike trainer or doing jumping jacks and more. 

Winter is no time to slow down!

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Pam McCormick
Love it! We do this at our home all of the time, since the snow is around so long. It also helps with the outdoor gifts (like scooters or bikes) that the kids receive for Christmas or winter birthdays, as they won't have to wait if they use them in the garage!

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