Back-to-School Boost: How to Help Kids Get Ahead With Old Workbooks! by Joan Poindexter

4 years ago
Back-to-School Boost: How to Help Kids Get Ahead With Old Workbooks!

Support teachers by helping your child retain information over the summer. At the end of the school year, don't toss class workbooks, especially if your kids are close in age. Pass them down and use the uncompleted pages! My son eagerly worked in his brother's old workbook after I explained:

  • He'd be ahead of his class, making homework time less stressful and more enjoyable the following year.
  • His friends may come to him for help.
  • Once his teacher assigns a page, he just copies his work into the new workbook, freeing up time for other things. 

Now going back to school is really cool!

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