Is Your Supermom Cape Threadbare? You Need to Prioritize & Focus! by Allison Peacock

6 months ago
Is Your Supermom Cape Threadbare? You Need to Prioritize & Focus!

Does it sometimes feel as if you have three full time jobs: Dr. Mom, household engineer and breadwinner, for instance? Feeling bad about not being able to manage super-human expectations only diminishes your energy to get things done. 

Here’s the key to managing it all: focus on one thing at a time and give yourself a guilt-free pass on the others. By prioritizing the “job” that needs you most at any given time and letting yourself off the hook on the others, you bring your full faculties to bear on the present task. 

Try it next time you’re overwhelmed by the need to "do it all!"

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Such great advice from a seasoned superhero mom. Thank you for sharing, Allison Peacock ! xoxo

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