Your Kids Can Swim So They Don't Need Supervision? Think Again! by Dr. Heidi Renner

2 years ago
Your Kids Can Swim So They Don't Need Supervision? Think Again!

Parents should never feel that a child doesn’t need supervision around water just because they’ve had swimming lessons. Never. All children need to be supervised around water, regardless of level of skill. Still, all children, and adults for that matter, older than the age of 5 should have swimming lessons.

Guess what? You are never too old to learn to swim, and you are much safer around water if you know the basics of swimming. Not to mention, learning how to swim is fun and good for your health!

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Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
This is such important advise. Thanks so much. I believe supervision around ALL water should occur. I see kids outside in their kiddie pools unsupervised. It doesn't take much water for an accident to occur. Thanks for a very important tip!

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