Want Some "Me Time" While Your Kid Naps, Mom? Try This! by Shel Franco

6 months ago
Want Some "Me Time" While Your Kid Naps, Mom? Try This!

Tired of cartoons with singing characters and repeat episodes of children’s television? Cable movies on demand, Netflix and Internet viewing options make movie watching more convenient than ever. Take a look at your week. Is there a consistent 2-hour period where the kids are at school, daycare or napping? Snag that time and designate it Mom’s Movie Minutes. Better yet? Get a sitter every once in a while and GO to a movie while your child naps at home – even if it’s alone.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, make it priority to laugh until you cry or smile until it hurts. And if the only available time is after the kids have gone to be, do it! Maybe hubby will join you for a romantic comedy or two.

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