Do-It-Yourself Gel Nails at Home: Save Time & Money! by Amanda OGrady

3 years ago
Do-It-Yourself Gel Nails at Home: Save Time & Money!

I often get asked where I get my gel nails done. My reply is: at home. Today, doing your own gel nails is easy. I find all my supplies on You’ll need: 

  • gel curing light
  • gel base 
  • top coat
  • fun gel color
  • paper towels
  • rubbing alcohol

Simply file your nails as usual. Using the paper towel, wipe your nails with alcohol then paint on the base coat and cure for two minutes. Repeat these steps for the gel color and the top coat. The key is to make sure your nails are dry and free of oils (or they will lift). Make one final swipe of alcohol when done. It’s that easy!

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