Marketing Your Business: 10 ​Reasons to Consider SharpSpring As Your Revenue Growth Marketing Platform by 30Seconds

Marketing Your Business: 10 ​Reasons to Consider SharpSpring As Your Revenue Growth Marketing Platform

When it comes to marketing your business, an effective marketing platform is crucial. It's not just about attracting new customers, but also retaining the existing ones. In this digital era, where so many options are available in the market, choosing the right marketing platform can be overwhelming. Have you considered SharpSpring Inc.?

You may be wondering, why SharpSpring Inc.? If you research various marketing platforms, you may find SharpSpring to be one of the most advanced revenue growth platforms out there. Here are the top reasons why using SharpSpring as your revenue growth marketing platform could be a no-brainer decision:

1. Cost-effective

SharpSpring is incredibly cost-effective compared to its competitors like Hubspot and Marketo. It offers an extensive range of features at reasonable prices, which makes it accessible for everyone from small businesses to enterprise-level companies.

2. User-friendly

One of the best things about SharpSpring is the ease of use and user-friendly interface. Even non-marketing people easily navigate through features like lead management or email campaigns seamlessly without needing much guidance.

3. All-in-One Revenue Growth Platform

SharpSpring provides customers with everything they need to drive revenue – from lead nurturing to closing more deals – all integrated under one master umbrella, making things much easier than using several different applications simultaneously.

4. Integrations With Other Platforms

SharpSpring integrates well with other popular tools, such as and Dropbox, enabling customers to manage their different business applications from a single location seamlessly.

5. Customizable Dashboard

Another attractive feature of SharpSpring is the customizable dashboard. It’s like a personalized cockpit for your business operations. You can track everything from lead sources to conversion rates in one place.

6. Great Support System

The customer support system of SharpSpring is outstanding. The whole team is always on hand, willing and ready to help integrate and troubleshoot any issues you may have with the platform, making it a great tool for businesses of all sizes.

7. Marketing Automation Features

SharpSpring's marketing automation features are ideal for businesses needing to keep in touch with customers throughout their purchase journey. The platform offers various pre-built automated workflows. Email campaign possibilities and the ability to generate landing pages for businesses save time while still driving results.

8. Tracking Results Effortlessly

SharpSpring offers excellent tracking capabilities so businesses can gauge what is working well and what isn't – making data-driven decisions becomes easy and breezy with SharpSpring’s detailed analytics summary reports.

9. SEO Friendly

While most platforms focus only on paid sources, SharpSpring also covers many organic marketing efforts like SEO optimization tools, making website optimization super easy even for those just starting out on their online presence journey.

10. Reasonable Price Tag

Last but not least, the price point could make SharpSpring ideal for just about everyone, especially startups and entrepreneurs who want an inexpensive way to get started with premium-level technology solutions without breaking the bank. This could be vital for any business that wants to use any software suite for a prolonged period.

Consider using SharpSpring as part of your marketing arsenal, whatever stage your business might be at right now. Its integration capability and user-friendly interface make this software valuable for increasing revenue and making business life more manageable.

Most businesses need some platforms to streamline their work to offset the chaos between different teams, clients and functions. SharpSpring is comprehensive, yet super simple, and could easily align with your current processes without major hiccups. Check out SharpSpring Inc. today. You may be surprised when your business soars and you’re already enjoying the benefits that improved ROI can bring your way!

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Elisa Schmitz
What a great resource for entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds! As a serial tech company founder, I know the challenges of finding software that can help with marketing, data analytics, tracking, measurement etc. Thank you for bringing SharpSpring to our attention. Going to check it out!
Donna John
Sounds like a great resource for business owners. I will definitely check into this software. I learn so much at this site!
You have to be up on SEO and digital marketing these days no matter what business you’re in.
Sounds very cool.

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