"Baby Corinne Could Talk to the Wind": My Journey From Dad to Published Author by Mark Stackpole

a year ago

"Baby Corinne Could Talk to the Wind": My Journey From Dad to Published Author

I have written many essays about parenthood since I first joined the club way back on the final day of 2003. Prior to that, I wrote a lot of essays about struggling with infertility on my journey to join that club. Recently, I was able to publish a book, Baby Corinne Could Talk to the Wind, about a walk that I once took with my young daughter, casually observing her friendly babbles with the wind that was blowing gently in her face and making her smile.

I say “publish” rather than “write,” because the fact of the matter is that it took me about 16 years to complete a final draft of the book. (Since it’s not even 1,000 words long, that’s not even 60 words a year. Hardly prolific.) Over that span of time, I probably wrote hundreds of little rhymes and reflections, but they never really came together into a cohesive story. What remained consistent over the years was that first line: “Baby Corinne could talk to the wind, and Daddy heard her one day.” It was always there, etched into my brain.

My creative process began when Corinne was about 2 years old, and the actual publication comes as she is finishing her first year of college. This long-gestating story comes from the deepest part of my heart, the deepest love for my daughter and family.

I’m never going to write a parenting book filled with sage advice or relatable reflections; I have neither the wisdom nor the expertise. But I did write a book about how grateful I am to be a parent, and how lucky I was to hear a conversation between my beloved daughter and a particularly active breeze.

I wrote this for her, but I am so incredibly proud to share it with you. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading it with your children and family. After all, it is not only Corinne who can talk to the wind, and not only me who will listen.

Photos courtesy of Mark Stackpole.

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Donna John
I remember reading the essay you wrote called Fuzzy Blue Hippo so many years ago and sitting at my computer crying. We loved having you as a part of iParenting, and now 30Seconds. Congratulations on your book and your beautiful family.
Elisa Schmitz
What a wonderful accomplishment for a very talented writer! So thrilled for you and can’t wait to read your amazing book. Congratulations, Mark Stackpole , and thank you for all you share with us. We’re so happy to shine a light on the amazing YOU! 🌟

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