An Amaryllis Is a Gift of Beauty: Here's How to Enjoy One! by Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds

2 years ago
An Amaryllis Is a Gift of Beauty: Here's How to Enjoy One!

I'm grateful for wonderful neighbors who gift me with an amaryllis bulb every Christmas. They must know I don't have a green thumb because it's the easiest, most stunning flower to grow! 

  • Just plant the bulb in potting soil and water it once thoroughly. 
  • Don't water it regularly until you see the green stem appear. 
  • Once you see the stem, water it regularly and keep it in bright, indirect light. 

Beautiful blooms will appear in four to six weeks. Similar to an orchid, you can use a support stake to keep this tall flower upright. Mine has bloomed three times already and makes me smile every day!

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