Parenting LGBTQ Teenagers: 5 Simple Ways to Support LGBTQ Kids by John Sovec

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Parenting LGBTQ Teenagers: 5 Simple Ways to Support LGBTQ Kids

Parents, it is so important for you to support your LBGTQ kids. When kids come out, support is what they are looking for the most. Here are five ways moms, dads, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and friends can support LGBTQ teenagers:

  1. Express unconditional love: Love your kids for exactly who they are even when you are feeling confused about your own thoughts and feelings.
  2. Don’t assume. There may be lots of questions for all of you, get educated and ask respectful questions and know that it’s OK to feel awkward.
  3. Explore any issues or concerns about their personal safety. Encourage them to speak with you or a safe adult at school regarding teasing, bullying or harassment.
  4. Be patient. There is a lot of ground to cover as you child explores what being LGBTQ means to them.
  5. Consider family therapy or individual therapy. Find a qualified therapist who works with LGBTQ teens and their families during the coming out process.

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My friend’s daughter just came out to her. Sharing this, thank you.
Unconditional love is key for kids of all ages and stages and lifestyles! 🌈

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