Introducing Tummy Time & How It Helps Develop Baby's Motor Skills! by Christy Garrett

4 years ago
Introducing Tummy Time & How It Helps Develop Baby's Motor Skills!

When Baby is ready, tummy time can be a wonderful activity for you both. Why?

  • Aside from being fun, tummy time may help prevent your infant from developing plagiocephaly (flat head). 
  • Tummy time can help strengthen Baby's neck muscles, develop large muscles and even improve fine motor skills when they begin to reach for toys. 

What's the best way to start tummy time?

  • It's best to introduce Baby to tummy time when he or she is alert and happy. 
  • Never force Baby to enjoy tummy time. 
  • The most popular way to introduce tummy time is to place a blanket on the floor and place Baby on their tummy. Put some toys within reach and see what happens!

Tummy time is also a great photo op, so grab your camera!

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