The Great Breakup: How Women Can Find Their Perfect Career Fit in 2023 by Christena Garduno

a year ago

The Great Breakup: How Women Can Find Their Perfect Career Fit in 2023

Over the past couple of years, we have walked through the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, the Great Relocation and now, the Great Breakup. Since the pandemic, women are demanding more from work, and many are changing jobs to find exactly what they are looking for. These female leaders are moving on to companies that value the same things they do – such as work culture, gender equality, career advancement and more.

For those who are ready to take the leap to a better career fit in 2023, here are a few tips:

1. Prepare for the Best

When planning for change, prepare for the best! One of the first steps to facing change with a positive attitude is to redefine your fears. Take your fears and reframe them by thinking about new challenges in terms of what you will learn from them – not how you could fail. Don’t let your fear keep you from tackling challenges that can ultimately help you grow. Consider opportunities that interest and excite you. Trying something new you are passionate about will allow you to utilize your talents in new ways and build your self-confidence. When preparing for the best, mindset is also key. Change your mindset by telling yourself that you do have the tools, skills and resources you need to do a great job. With the right mindset, you can make a change to your career path and achieve success in no time!

2. Develop You Skills

A new career may require new skills. By developing specific skills, you can maximize your potential and feel confident when applying for new and exciting positions. With so many online courses available, the options are endless for developing additional skills needed to land your dream job. It is also a good idea to research professional certifications related to your field of interest. Certifications can increase your chances of better job prospects, new career opportunities and higher pay. Another way to refine your skillset is to meet with a mentor. Learning from those who have walked a career path similar to what you are interested in is one of the most authentic ways to learn the ropes. A good mentor will help guide you toward reaching your goals and encourage you in your professional endeavors. Taking these steps to develop your skills can help you constantly improve them – for both personal and professional growth.

3. Find Your Confidence

Confidence comes from having a strong understanding of what you bring to the table, especially when changing careers. Knowing your worth in the workplace is critical to trusting in your own judgment and performance. When you feel positive about yourself, confidence shines and you will thrive when taking on new tasks. Think about your track record of accomplishments and keep them top of mind. Remind yourself of your achievements and be proud of them. Another great exercise is to sit down and make a list of your strengths. Be sure to capture your experience, soft skills, talents and education and training. As your self-awareness grows, so will the opportunities to advance in your career. 

No matter what type of career change you may be considering, it’s important to plan carefully. Make sure to identify the motives that drive you, research all options and form a plan of action. By following these steps, you can streamline the process and feel confident in your abilities to find the perfect career fit for you.

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Donna John
Women power! Love it! Great tips here.
Women are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for the career insights.

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