“Become the Fire” Earns 5-Star Reviews From Readers’ Favorite & Gold Award From Mom's Choice by Elisa Schmitz

“Become the Fire” Earns 5-Star Reviews From Readers’ Favorite & Gold Award From Mom's Choice

It always feels good when third-party organizations validate the dedication you put into your work. Especially when those organizations make it their mission to share only the best books and products with their communities.

I know this professionally because book and product reviews were part of my first business, iParenting. We developed the highly respected iParenting Awards, an intensive product-review and awards program that identified and promoted the best products for parents and parents-to-be. Carefully evaluating items and then presenting the iParenting Award to those who earned it was a labor of love and a source of pride. Seeing the joy on the faces of those creators who earned the award – knowing their dedication had been noticed, appreciated and recognized – was something very special.

I know this personally, too, because my book, Become the Fire: Transform Life’s Chaos into Business and Personal Success, has earned three 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite and the Gold Award from Mom’s Choice. I think of this as an example of dedication in action.

“Become the Fire” Earns Three 5-Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite

Readers' Favorite is a book review program that’s owned and operated by authors, for authors: “Our staff and nearly all our 1,000+ reviewers are authors who have come together to provide fellow authors with a valuable set of resources to help them succeed.”

Here are excerpts from the three 5-star Readers’ Favorite critiques of Become the Fire:

  1. “Elisa Schmitz creates a healthy space for dialogue and inspiration with ‘Become the Fire.’ In 10 meaningful chapters, she manages to evaluate all the key aspects of what we consider success to be and describes how we can adopt these in our personal and professional environment. Elisa keeps her words simple yet strong, with enough power behind them to leave an imprint. She asks questions, provides advice, motivates, keeps morale high, and educates her readers. I believe this book will be a massive help for anyone who wants to start or restart their professional life or just wants to better themselves. I highly recommend this guide.”
  2. “Elisa Schmitz's story of her own life and that of 10 similarly empowered women is just the kind of book you need to read if you're an aspiring entrepreneur. ‘Become the Fire’ teaches you to recognize the opportunities and seize them with both hands to fulfill your vision. You will learn how motivation plays a key role in manifesting courage in a person, just as resilience is the key to becoming friends with failure. Schmitz's writing style is crisp and concise, with the meticulous structural organization of the subject matter that makes for a smooth reading experience. A motivational and informative read.”
  3. “’Become the Fire’ by Elisa A. Schmitz is a combination of self-help writing and memoir. The message was designed to inspire women to overcome barriers and succeed. I was fascinated by Elisa’s experiences, especially how being forced to help at a preschool led to paid babysitting and eventually to the author finding a niche interest she could share with the world. I was particularly impressed by her chapter on failure, as the fear of failure often inhibits initiative. The motivational discussion was beautifully balanced by the chapter on viability, which emphasized employable skills. I can recommend this book because it encourages the reader to make the most of themselves.”

“Become the Fire” Earns the Gold Award from Mom’s Choice

Become the Fire earned the Gold Award from Mom’s Choice, a global program that evaluates products created for children, families and educators, and recognizes excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

Mom’s Choice evaluators include “education, media and other experts as well as parents, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors and more. Parents, educators, retailers and members of the media look for the Mom’s Choice seal of approval when selecting quality products.”

I am honored and grateful for these insightful reviews and recognition of “Become the Fire.” To me, they illustrate one of the themes in my book: the importance of dedication. When you set a high standard for performance and strive for excellence in what you care about most, you increase the chances that you will be very good at it and become recognized for it. Dedicating yourself to your best personal effort, you will shine and rise above the rest.

Being Passionate Leads to Dedication; Dedication Leads to Success

What are you most passionate about? What lights a fire in your belly? What makes you feel motivated to bring out the best version of yourself?

When you find the thing you’re most passionate about, that you want to dedicate yourself to, something very special happens. You get a clarity that helps you focus on that thing like a laser. Dedication drives you to pour your whole heart into that thing. By being the best version of yourself, you keep improving at that thing. You find joy and satisfaction in seeing your progress. As you become better and better at that thing, your dedication to it grows – and your motivation to be the best kicks in.

Then others notice that you’re really good at that thing, and they start to recognize you for it. Life a beacon, the flame within you is shining so brightly that others can see it for themselves. You have become the fire.

The key is to find the thing you’re most passionate about, that lights a fire in you. Once you find it, you’ll want to dedicate yourself to it. That dedication will fuel your motivation to bring your best self to it every day. As you see progress, you will work even harder at it.

You get so good that others can’t overlook you. You become the obvious choice for opportunities that align with your expertise. You get so good that people simply can’t not notice – and that’s how you achieve more success.

Order your copy of Become the Fire: Transform Life’s Chaos into Business and Personal Success.

You can visit Elisa's author website at ElisaSchmitz.com, and learn more about her book on achieving career and life success at BecomeTheFire.com.

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Donna John
Amazing!!!! I am so proud of you! Much deserved, my friend. If you haven't read this inspirational book, don't wait another minute. Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much, dear Donna John ! Couldn’t imagine being on this journey without you. Thank you for believing and being right there with me! 🔥
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is wonderful! So well deserved, Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds ! I remember when you were in the midst of writing Become the Fire; all the hard work has paid off. Congrats!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much, Ann Marie Patitucci ! I appreciate all of your kind support and encouragement. You are a wonderful author who inspires me very much. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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