Slumber Party Project: Have Kids Make DIY PJs & Pillowcases! by Lisa Henthorn

4 years ago
Slumber Party Project: Have Kids Make DIY PJs & Pillowcases!

My girls love slumber parties. Truth? I think they're overrated. I can barely look parents in the eye at pick-up. "Here's your daughter. She's over-tired and you're in for a long day." Doesn't that break the mommy code? But once in a while, I give. The key? Structured activities. 

My favorite? Make nightshirts or pillowcases! I keep a supply of white men's tees and pillowcases on hand, and we have lots of fabric markers. I set the girls loose, and when they're done we have: 

a) killed an hour constructively, 

b) provided me with some time to clean, and 

c) created fun sleepwear and accessories!

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