4 Backyard Water Activities for Kids That You've Gotta Do This Summer by Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP

6 years ago
4 Backyard Water Activities for Kids That You've Gotta Do This Summer

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, then you know how much kids love the water. But water fun doesn’t have to be done in a pool!

  • My kids love to chase each other with a garden hose or blast each other with water pistols.
  • Soak some big, clean sponges in buckets of water for tossing and squishing. Buckets filled with water are also loads of fun and will cool you down on a hot summer day.
  • Sprinklers are an old time favorite and come in various forms.
  • And don't forget water balloons!

These activities will not only keep your kids cool, but also will hydrate your lawn! 

Supervise children at all times when around water!

Ocean Friends Sprinkler Ring
Ocean Friends Sprinkler Ring $30
This intriguing sprinkler ring inspires all kinds of games and active play!
Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack
Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack $25
Blast from up to 23 feet away!
Splashy Water Balloons
Splashy Water Balloons $10
Multicolored water balloons for hours of fun! Pack of 500.
Behrens 16-Gallon Oval Steel Tub
Behrens 16-Gallon Oval Steel Tub $19.50
This oval, hot-dipped steel tub is ideal for planters, storage, decor and filling with bubbles!

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Christine Jones
It's amazing how much kids love water play. I love that they're outside playing together and off their screens.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, anything to keep them off their screens! :)

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