Custom Home Building: What to Include in Your Custom Home Build & What You Should Avoid by Paul Mior

2 years ago

Custom Home Building: What to Include in Your Custom Home Build & What You Should Avoid

Custom home building is never simple for any planner. Countless errors and problems will probably occur along the way. Builders must know the proper steps to include in a custom-building plan and understand the mistakes to avoid.

What to Include

  • Every custom home build plan should start with a written agreement. Every project must be in writing because it becomes legally valid and enforceable in court if something goes wrong.
  • Hire a project manager to head one or more projects, whether developing the landscape or installing the electrical system. A team lead is needed to ensure that the work is done correctly, on time and within the accepted budget.
  • Choosing the contractors should never be taken lightly by any custom home builder. Some contractors overcharge their services by several thousands of dollars, and the client doesn’t know until they get the final bill. Other contractors may start a project and take months to finish a job that should take a few weeks. Finding a reputable contractor to work with is necessary to include in every project.

What to Avoid

  • Making a verbal agreement seems reliable and straightforward, but it becomes the opposite if it’s not carried out correctly. The terms of a spoken agreement are difficult or impossible to prove to a judge in court. So, make every plan in writing.
  • After the project ends, many builders make the mistake of not keeping the contractors’ contact information. If something goes wrong with the plumbing, the plumber who did the original installation is the best person to consult for a repair.
  • Procrastination is another mistake to avoid. An example is waiting until the home is entirely built before deciding to add a room extension. It’s easier to plan projects and make changes right away. For such a significant project, every important task needs several weeks of planning.

A custom home-building plan includes more options than anyone can count. There are mistakes to avoid like every good plan, whether changing floor plans at the last minute or buying overpriced materials. Every builder should have a good overview of the steps to take and avoid.

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I’ve always wanted to do this! 🙌🏼
Elisa Schmitz
I've renovated a few homes down to the studs. Huge project, so I can't imagine building one from the ground up. Thanks for sharing your tips, Paul Mior !
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