Teach Kids a Second Language: Try This Clever Idea to Help Kids Learn! by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

6 years ago

Teach Kids a Second Language: Try This Clever Idea to Help Kids Learn!

We're getting ready to head to Germany for our family vacation. I lived there as a child and knew a decent amount of the language. To help us all prepare to be immersed in a different culture, I'm pasting sticky notes around the house so we can learn important words in the weeks leading up to our trip. My boys have already mastered the German words for "please" and "thank you" (manners go a long way), and we're working on favorite foods. We're also focusing on "bathroom" and "coffee." The first is for the kids, the second for Mom!

  • bathroom – badezimmer
  • coffee – kaffee
  • chicken – hähnchen
  • wine – wein
  • ice cream – eis
  • toys – spielzeug
  • dog – hund

Here are some common words and phrases in German:

  • danke (DAN-keh) – "thank you"
  • bitte (BIT-tuh) – "please"
  • guten tag (GOO-ten tahk) or hallo (hah-LOH) (informal) – "hello"
  • guten morgen (GOO-ten MOR-gen) – "good morning"
  • entschuldigen sie (ent-SHUL-di-gen zee) – "excuse me"  (getting attention)
  • entschuldigung (ent-SHUL-di-goong) – "excuse me" (begging pardon)

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Donna John
What a great idea, @elizabeth. This would help adults as well.

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