From Race to Religion: How to Use Books to Teach Your Kids About Diversity! by Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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5 years ago
From Race to Religion: How to Use Books to Teach Your Kids About Diversity!

A child’s early years determine if that child will become open or fearful of people who are different than they are. Use books to teach your kids about different:

  • races
  • religions
  • countries
  • abilities 
  • family structures

Have a selection of culturally diverse books in your home. Exposing children to different cultures will open up opportunities to discuss differences and highlight similarities, and this will help them become more open minded, accepting and tolerant of others. Take trips to the library or bookstore to regularly refresh your supply and keep it fun!

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Cynthia Miller
Dear Paula, thank you for this post. I had not thought about early years determining a fearful or open mindset, but of course that makes sense!
Alice V
great post! I think books can help you explain things that you already know but can't quit teach to a child if you don't really know how. Books can put things in perspective for little minds to understand.
Christian Missions
Very informative post, love the way you write and I think that the knowledge helps in a way. I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

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