Cold Weather & Pet Safety: Simple Tips to Help Keep Family Pets Warm in the Winter by 30Seconds Mom

2 years ago

Cold Weather & Pet Safety: Simple Tips to Help Keep Family Pets Warm in the Winter

You might think that just because your pet is covered in fur that they don’t get cold during the winter. While their coat does help them stay warm, it’s still possible for your pet to experience frostbite and feel the chill from the winter wind. If you are looking for ways to keep them warm in winter, check out these tips from AccuWeather:

Know the Forecast

The weather in the winter can change at a moment’s notice. It may be bright and pleasant in the morning, but then by noon, it could be overcast and windy. Knowing the forecast and limiting your pet’s time outside is the best way to keep them warm.

If you leave them outside while you are at work, knowing how cold it will be throughout the day will allow you to plan. This might mean putting an extra blanket or more insulation in their shelter. You might also consider putting up a door to reduce the amount of cold air that blows into this structure.

Keep Their Paws Dry

Pets don’t have a lot of fur on their paws, and if they are exposed to snow or ice for long enough, it could lead to frostbite. Also, the cold, dry weather could dry out their paws, leaving them cracked and open to infection, which can be encouraged to grow if their paws are wet.

Get more tips on keeping your pets warm in the winter.

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We have to take care of our furry friends.
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