Headed to a Public Place With Your Child? Then This Life Hack is a Must! by Kaira Rouda

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2 years ago
Headed to a Public Place With Your Child? Then This Life Hack is a Must!

With smartphones, there isn't an excuse. But, here's a reminder: Always carry both a printed photo and cell phone pictures (you have those galore) of your child, especially if you're heading to a public place like a zoo, amusement park, waterpark, museum or an exhibit with your kids.

My middle son was a huge Titanic fan, so when he was 8 or so, we took him and his three siblings to the exhibit in Chicago. At the exit, we had three kids, not four. Panic ensued, but the photo allowed authorities to find him – he had slipped back into the dark exhibit to touch the "real" iceberg again. So relieved!

Christine Jones
This is such an important tip Kaira Rouda! We do these as well especially at amusement parks and water parks!
Donna John
Agreed, Chrissy Jones! And with all the fall festivals coming up. Great reminder, Kaira Rouda!
Chef Gigi Gaggero
It's a shame we live in a day and time were this has to happen --and thank goodness we have people like you that are able to pass these good tips along; so children can stay safe ! Back in the day I used to take a sharpie and write my phone number on there for arms I just can't believe it ! You for this amazing tip! I'll share with my Parenting community ! Kaira Rouda
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I love the low-tech way you kept track of your kids, Chef Gigi Gaggero! Sharpies are still a very helpful tool, even in our high-tech world!!

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