Add Kindness to Your Child's Chore List at an Early Age; Here's Why! by Joani Plenty

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4 years ago
Add Kindness to Your Child's Chore List at an Early Age; Here's Why!

The earlier you expose your children to kindness, empathy and random acts of kindness, the better chance you have that it will become a natural part of who they are. For example, their chore list could look something like this: 

  • Make bed. 
  • Feed cat. 
  • Hug your brother.
  • Read your sister her favorite book. 
  • Call Grandma and tell her a joke. 

This will not only make others around your child feel good, but he or she will learn, at an early age, that making others happy will also make themselves happy. This has caused us to change the words "Chore List" to "Integrity List."

Tisha Kerrin
In an ever-growing narcissistic world. This is a fantastic way to groom a true humanitarian.
Elisa All Schmitz 30SecondMom
You are so right, Tisha! Joani is an amazing anti-bullying advocate and pro-positive parenting promoter!
Joani Plenty
Thank you, Elisa, for your kind words!
Joani Plenty
Thanks, Tisha for your great comment!

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