Can Your Kids Do 100 Random Acts of Kindness? They Can & Here's How! by Christine Wolf

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2 years ago
Can Your Kids Do 100 Random Acts of Kindness? They Can & Here's How!

Are the kids constantly battling? Want to promote acts of kindness instead? On a poster board, make 10 rows of 10 boxes where you can write each good deed your children do. If they’re old enough, they can write in their own. Examples are:

  • talking nicely
  • brushing teeth without being asked
  • holding the door for a sibling
  • taking a plate to the sink

Every good deed goes toward the 100. Once the 100th is reached, celebrate in a way that suits your family, like an ice cream night, a movie, extra allowance, etc. They may rush to fill in the chart and forget about picking on each other (and you)!

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Christine Jones
I love this. At first when I read 100 acts of kindness I thought no way! But I love the 10 by 10 box which makes it so doable!
Christine Wolf
Chrissy, hope you give it a try! It's such an easy, visible way to focus on the good vibes in your household. My kids started getting creative when they got close to 100... Like writing down younger siblings' good deeds in the boxes. Win win for all of them.
Cedric Brandon
I work with children who have been absent from good deeds who could use 100 random acts of kindness in their lives. thanks for this post!

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