Irish or Not, Celebrate St. Patrick's Day: Here Are Some Budget-Friendly Ideas! by Holly Budde

4 years ago
Irish or Not, Celebrate St. Patrick's Day: Here Are Some Budget-Friendly Ideas!

I have a rule: celebrate everything! It's fun for me and the kids to have something to celebrate, no matter how big or small. St. Patrick's Day is a good time to have some fun. Here are some ways we get our green on!

  • Green is the theme for all food. Grill green veggies, make some fun St. Patrick's Day treats, add green candies to popcorn, whatever you wish. Serve snacks in green decorative cups. 
  • Decorate! My youngest daughter and I are making green paper chains as garland.
  • Incorporate learning! My oldest daughter is learning about the Irish jig and other traditions. We've downloaded Irish music to her cellphone. 

One more reason to celebrate together is too good an opportunity to pass up! 

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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Donna John
When my kids were little, they thought it was so cool to put green food coloring in their Sprite - or order it that way at a restaurant on St. Patrick's Day. I also like to cook corned beef and cabbage. Mmmm. Stomach's growling! :-)
Mike Prochaska
We bought green river just for this reason
Holly Budde
what is green river ? a soda?
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
You’re such a fun mom, Holly Budde ! Love these ideas (and yours, too, Donna John )! 🍀
Holly Budde
if there’s a party.. i’m all over it. so much fun to “celebrate everything” w my kids. makes the days better. I’m thinking Donna John knows a few things. We r dying sprite this year 💕

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