​Hammocks, Home Décor & Mindfulness: How to Incorporate Hammocks in Your Home to Help Improve Well-being by Farris Wu DecorMatters

2 years ago

​Hammocks, Home Décor & Mindfulness: How to Incorporate Hammocks in Your Home to Help Improve Well-being

Although National Hammock Day is celebrated every year on July 22, commemorating the universal symbol for relaxation – hammocks – has never been more popular than today. Technavio predicted that the hammock market is poised to grow by $470.76 million from 2020 to 2024 due to increased participation in outdoor recreational activities.

Hammocks were originally created by native inhabitants of Central and South America to sleep and to protect themselves from dangerous insects. But if a simple sling made of fabric, rope or netting, suspended between two points, could be the key to reducing modern stresses and improving sleep quality, no wonder we’ve seen such a jump in sales during the pandemic. In addition, people are constantly sussing out the latest mindfulness techniques to improve their mental health. So, let’s address this trend further.

Increased Demand Like Never Before

We have seen hundreds of living rooms, lounge areas and backyard patio designs featuring hammocks or swinging chairs – and there’s definitely been a sharp increase since the pandemic began. This is because meditation increased by 2,900 percent globally, and hammocks fit the bill – they are the perfect spot for mindfulness and help those with insomnia.

The natural swinging motion of a hammock is beneficial for those who have issues with their sensory system as it works to restore the vestibular system, helps with stress management and facilitates internal sleep rhythms – the best way to unwind. Not only do you feel energized, but you can put your mind at ease and improve concentration, which is incredibly important for those of us dealing with a short attention span.

Rooms Best for a Hammock

Hammocks are versatile and can be used all year round in your backyard or living room. They can be moved about seamlessly due to their lightweight and compact design and the many stylish free-standing hammock options on the market. And you don’t have to worry about space – hammocks can fit anywhere.

Our users integrate hammocks in various rooms: lounges, offices, reading nooks, balconies, living rooms and bedrooms. One of the main functions of the hammock, besides the gorgeous aesthetic, is to bring an immediate sense of serenity and positive energy into the room. The effect can be emphasized if the hammocks are used as pops of color in a neutral space, or crochet hammocks are incorporated to add an aspect of nature in industrial, modern design.

There’s room for a hammock in almost every design style. Woven hammocks with bright colored patterns are especially popular with bohemian and eclectic styles on the rise. And the soft and curved shape, which promotes positive energy flow throughout the home, can be incorporated in Scandinavian, Japandi and beach-style interior design.

“It's been interesting watching people switch to a more casual and simple lifestyle in their homes: stuffy libraries becoming gaming rooms, garages transforming into rec rooms and breakfast areas converting into reading nooks. A hammock can find a home in a variety of room types," said Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design.

Hammocks May Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress

To make sitting in a hammock part of your self-care routine to boost spiritual well-being, I recommend placing hammocks where you spend most of your time. And separate your work and relaxation areas in order to find a space free of clutter, foot traffic and noise.

Hammocks are a perfect spot to retreat for a midday rest or meditation before going back to work. Always take regular breaks from work and nap in the same place for continuity and familiarity to develop good mental health habits and boost your overall productivity.

As multiple studies show that five-minute meditation routines are proven to reduce stress at work, unlock creativity and help people avoid burnout. Why do you think Google and Goldman Sachs introduced mindfulness practices to employees?

Another tip is to place a hammock near a window for natural lighting or surround a hammock with greenery. Plants serve as the perfect companion to add that extra sense of connection with the outdoors.

Rest and relaxation contribute to your overall happiness, and your happiness affects your productiveness. Imagine if an entire family or team of remote working colleagues was each given a hammock – this may surely mean fewer family feuds and increased productivity as a result. 

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Donna John
What an interesting idea! I've been wanting a hanging chair for the bedroom to read in for a while. Maybe I should consider a more traditional hammock? We could all use a little more relaxation in our lives! Farris Wu DecorMatters
Elisa Schmitz
I love hammocks. What a great idea to incorporate them into inside decor and not just outdoors!

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