Editor's Letter: "Become the Fire" Inspires You to Start, Build or Become Something You've Always Dreamed of Being by Elisa Schmitz

Editor's Letter: "Become the Fire" Inspires You to Start, Build or Become Something You've Always Dreamed of Being

I'm happy to finally be able to share that I'm writing a new book, Become the Fire: How to Transform Your Chaos Into Career and Life Success. "Become the Fire" will inspire you to start something, grow something, build something or become something you've always dreamed of being. It's for dreamers who'd like to be doers, and for doers who want to do more.

Throughout the years, there have been many times when the chaos in my life was so bad, it felt as though I was thrown into a fire. Into the line of fire as a child in the street warfare of Beirut. Into the center ring of a bullseye as a target for bullies at school. Sexual harassment, work stress, divorcesingle motherhoodhealth issues that took me to hell and back.

Flame after flame the chaos came, unrelenting in its desire to singe and sear. But by confronting each blaze, one by one, I became stronger and wiser and less afraid. By rising up to face that fire and not allowing the flames to engulf me, I took on their strength and engulfed them instead.

Through this process of overcoming, I learned that fire can burn you, or fire can forge you. As I tried to avoid getting burned, eventually I simply stopped trying to get out of the fire. Instead, I figured out how to become the fire.

Become the Fire speaks to anyone who, like me, grew up in chaos and fear – but refuses to let that stop them. In the book, you'll find the stories of other diverse women who have risen to the highest ranks of their careers in business, politics, education, nonprofits and more – using many of the same mindset shifts.

Become the Fire is based on the idea that being an outsider often surrounded by chaos is not a weakness or a limitation. Rather, it’s a massive strength. I succeeded not despite my challenges, but because of them – and this is true of so many high-achieving outsider women I have met on my journey. It’s a best-kept secret – that the very things you fear might hold you back are the superpowers you need to succeed and move forward.

Become the Fire shows that career and life success are not dependent on your school GPA, who you know, or how smooth a path you have through life. It’s not about simple tips and tricks or hacks, and it’s not about the injustices that you face. It’s all about mastering your own transformation – from being thrown into the fire to becoming the fire, every single day.

Become the Fire will be published next year by New World Library ("books that change lives"). I can't wait to share more of "Become the Fire" with you! In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.

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Congratulations! Can't wait to read your book.
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much! I'm excited to share Become the Fire (as soon as I finish writing, haha). Tribe Julie Rose
So exciting 🙌🏼

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