Random Acts of Mom Kindness: 5 Ways to Lift Up a Fellow Mama Friend! by Marci Fair

7 years ago

Random Acts of Mom Kindness: 5 Ways to Lift Up a Fellow Mama Friend!

Know a mom friend who is stressed, tired or overwhelmed? Like we are sometimes (many times)? Take a few minutes to put a smile on her face with a random act of mom-to-mom kindness!

  • Call, email or text her with an uplifting message
  • Remind her how special she is
  • Send her a thoughtful mom book like Chrys Howard's "Motivationals For Mom" 
  • Use the "Flower Garden" app and email her a beautifully colorful bouquet with a sweet message attached
  • Offer to watch her kids for a couple hours so she can enjoy some alone time
  • Give her a delicious bar of gourmet chocolate she can enjoy

Reach out to her! You will both be so glad that you did. It is in impacting the lives of others, that we deeply impact our own.

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