Editor’s Letter: When You Love What You Do, You’ll Never “Work” a Day In Your Life (Plus What’s Trending On 30Seconds This Week) by Elisa Schmitz

Editor’s Letter: When You Love What You Do, You’ll Never “Work” a Day In Your Life (Plus What’s Trending On 30Seconds This Week)

I love what I do. For most of my career, I’ve been driven by pure passion. When I built my first business, iParenting, I was a journalist whose personal thirst for information and inspiration about pregnancy and parenting fueled the enormous energy required to start and grow a business. Back then, I didn’t always have the answers, but I put my whole heart and soul into building a destination that would help other parents like me. I worked around the clock, building a business while growing a family. Yet I loved what I was doing so much that it never felt like “work.”

Through that process, I found that when entrepreneurs find their passion and pursue it with purpose and intention, chances are very good that they will succeed.

I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams when I sold iParenting to The Walt Disney Company, becoming Director and Executive Editor for the Disney Interactive Media Group based in Los Angeles. One of my favorite memories of that time was working as a video host for Disney. This photo is from a shoot where we were producing at-home exercise videos for expectant and new moms. Again, I loved what I was doing so much that it never felt like “work.”

The pattern repeated itself when I started building 30Seconds. Driven by a need to “inspire and be inspired” in just 30 seconds, I found that 30Seconds requires the same time, energy and resources as in my roles at iParenting and Disney. Yet because I love what I do, the relentless demands of running a business are simply woven into my life in such a way that it never feels like “work.” In fact, when I see the results of my efforts, I am driven to work harder – to make an even greater impact.

That’s why one of the best answers I can give to those who ask me, “how can I achieve success, too?” is this: Do what you love, work harder than anyone else, make excellence your goal in all that you do, and success will follow.

Because when you love what you do, you’ll be good at it. When you love what you do, you’ll be recognized for it. When you love what you do, it’s contagious. And when you love what you do, you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

Here's What's Trending On 30Seconds This Week

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Couldn't agree more. If you don't like what you're doing, what's the point. Just drudgery.
Passion fuels purpose. Purpose fuels perseverance. Perseverance fuels success. 🔥
Elisa Schmitz
Isn't that the truth, Tribe ! Thank you so much. BecomeTheFire Julie Rose
Thanks for the post

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