Decorating for Your Personality: 3 Home Interior Design Styles That Organized People Adore by Devin Shaffer, Interior Designer

2 years ago

Decorating for Your Personality: 3 Home Interior Design Styles That Organized People Adore

You probably would try a quiz that promises to match your character traits with star signs or celebrities. But have you heard of personality-based home design?

The saying “tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are” also applies to our living spaces. There’s no doubt that our homes reflect our personalities, but some struggle with creating a space that demonstrates their traits, interests and qualities. So, for choosing an interior design that captures your individuality, organized people need look no further.

1. Sophisticated Scandi

“How to Parent like a Scandinavian” may be a headline that rings in your ears – a parenting strategy based on the idea of spending time outdoors and friluftsliv, meaning “open-air living.” This is exactly what Scandinavian interior design strives for: to bring nature inside and focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Mladen C.)

  • Play with muted tones of taupe, ivory and sage: A cohesive color palette supports the principles of minimalism.
  • Celebrate organic and natural materials such as untreated, unpainted ash and pine walls and floors. As well as leveraging wood for large surfaces, wood also takes on a decorative function through accent furniture such as dining and coffee tables.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Lorenzo C.)

  • Storage is king. We’re talking double-duty furniture, such as coffee tables that are simultaneously storage chests, and multifunctional storage units. Matte white cabinets and shelving with wooden legs would perfectly fit the aesthetic, especially when equipped with open shelving and spaces for rattan baskets or felt hamper baskets.
  • Natural lighting is key, but accent metallic finishes like copper and brass pendants are the real statement pieces. Warm electric fireplaces with black-and-white color schemes often become the focal point, too.
  • Ease of use is vital for seating. The wooden elbow chairs or tulip chairs with sturdy bases, exposed legs and removable cloth cushions must be easy to clean.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Rehan A.)

2. Classic Contemporary Chic

Those moms and dads who love classic contemporary design are often logical, systematic and thrive in organized and structured environments. The design style calls on neutral color palettes, textured fabrics, conversation pieces and dramatic architecture.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Mladen C.)

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Laura A.)

  • Search for contemporary furniture made of cotton, linen or velvet, with straight, clean lines and exposed legs that give a light and airy feel.
  • Metal and glass often dominate classic contemporary design because of their light-reflecting properties. Unusual knobs, carvings or glass and brass finishes can be subtly incorporated, and these miscellaneous décor styles create a harmonious home.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Joyce T.)

3. Easy-Breezy Beach Babe

Often mistaken for the tacky, nautical design style, a home following coastal design can really be reminiscent of the atmosphere at a high-end seaside retreat, and a safe and welcoming space.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Sonia C.)

  • Incorporate neutrals and blues. For example, an ideal layout would be timeless two-tone blue cabinets, islands with white marble surfaces and rattan bar stools. Then add in accent colors like pops of yellow, coral and turquoise.

Photo courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Nathalie I.)

  • This style is rich in texture. Rugs made of jute and sisal lend a natural element to the space, a vintage rug adds a little flair and driftwood establishes an earthy aesthetic.
  • Beachy interior design cries out for open floor plans. These large spaces can be sectioned using a range of room dividers. For example, sectional sofas equipped with no-fuss textiles like linen and cotton make perfect slipcovers. They can be washed easily in busy family homes.
  • Exposed beams, wicker beds, simple beige benches with rustic wooden legs and mermaid tiles create a coastal setting and mimic the sandy shores and deep blue waves.

Photos courtesy of Decorilla (Designer: Laura A.)

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