Mom, Reach Out & Connect With Your Friends - It's Good for You! by Kaira Rouda

It's easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of being a mom, while you neglect your friends. Sure, we understand another mom's reasons why she can't come visit or take time for lunch, but most of the time you can make time. Making a point to connect with friends is essential for your health and happiness. And a happy mom is the best mom. 

So take the time to connect with your friends. And if you have a social media friend you've never met, and you are traveling to her city, try to connect. We did! There's nothing as wonderful as a hug from an old friend or a new one!

Donna John
Love this, Kaira Rouda and Angela Chee! Last year I got to meet Holly Budde and @merber38. Was a great day! Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Holly Budde
awesome tip! I have so many more of you I'm eager to meet ! & I cant wait for a repeat w Donna, Meredith and Elisa --we had the best time.

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