Math Games: How to Get the Kids Involved During Super Bowl® With Math by Cheryl Leahy

3 years ago
Math Games: How to Get the Kids Involved During Super Bowl® With Math

A lot of math is involved in sports: scoring, ranking, odds. Super Bowl® is a good time to teach kids a mathematical lesson.

  • Create a kids' board and let them pick their squares.
  • Discuss what the odds are, add up the points together throughout the game.
  • After the game, award the winners!

Let the kids keep track of all of the stats on a dry erase board:

  • Who scored the most touchdowns?
  • Who had the most passing yards?
  • Who had the most rushing yards?
  • Who kicked the post field goals?
  • What was the longest running play?

Make math fun by showing them how it applies to real life – they may not even realize they're learning!

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Dieter Schmitz
Gotta love this tip Cheryl Leahy I have found that kids can’t do math but can spout off triple doubles and third down conversion percentages. Life is filled with stats, and Super Bowl Sunday, from who wins the coin toss to the final ticks of the clock are all teaching moments.

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